The Egg Controversy: A Doctor’s Perspective

The Egg Controversy: A Doctor’s Perspective

People often ask me questions about what I do for my family when there are controversies about specific foods. Eggs, once demonized by those concerned about their weight, have regained some degree of approval. Yet we continue to hear both positive and negative reports about the health implications of consuming eggs. As a primary care physician, and a mother, I have read the various studies looking at the pros and cons of eating eggs and have based my own practices on the latest research.

What are the alleged risks of eating eggs? Various studies have raised concerns about eggs, particularly egg yolks, causing an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and of course obesity. There are also concerns about infections, such as salmonella, which can occur when raw eggs are ingested. Its impossible to mention eggs without referencing the inhumane treatment of chicks and hens, a topic that I won’t address here today.

What do I do for my family? We do eat eggs, but not regularly. Perhaps once a month we eat a meal that contains eggs. The important thing is to focus on the company that our eggs keep. We are not eating our eggs with bacon or ham. We’re not frying our eggs in butter, oil or bacon grease. I’ll occasionally cut up a hard boiled egg and put it in a bowl with some corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado and tomatillo sauce for breakfast or lunch. Or sometimes I’ll make a vegetable risotto and serve a poached egg on top. An egg upon a spinach salad makes a sporadic appearance at my table as well.

Eggs are not the big, bad, high cholesterol inducing boogie men that they were made out to be years ago. Just be sure you’re surrounding your eggs with vegetables or whole grains, rather than bacon or other unhealthy options and you should be fine. Everything in moderation, except for Cheetos, of course. Bottom line? When it comes to eggs, I vote yes.

Thanks for listening today and I wish you the best of health!

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Eggs I

Eggs I (Photo credit: Keith Marshall)

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