Eating Out With Kids? Skip The Kids Menu

Check out this great blog post from Raising Healthy Kids. As you may have read in some of my posts, I’m a hearty proponent of finding healthier options when dining out with kids. If you haven’t tried it, consider ordering salmon or tilapia from the adult menu and splitting it between 2 kids. These are mild fish that taste great grilled or baked.

Raising Healthy Kids

kids_menu_friesChicken Fingers, Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Hot Dog, Spaghetti, Hamburg, Fish Sticks, Macaroni & Cheese, French Fries.

Sound familiar?  Welcome to The Kids Menu.

My biggest pet peeve eating out with my 3 kids has to be The Kids Menu.  Occasionally you will see in the small print that kids can have their choice of side salad or vegetable but once they are handed that fun activity and colouring page with The Kids Menu on the flip side, those old enough to read go straight for the fingers and fries.

As a Parent, you can enforce the healthy side salad and carrot sticks and risk a major meltdown or decide against paying $8.99 for uneaten broccoli and give in “just this once” to a deep fried, beige, nutrient poor dinner. Truth is, the ‘just this once’ ends up being every single time you go out to dinner with the kids.

In all my years of eating out with my kids…

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