Ode To Cheerios (A Poem By Dr. Mom)

You come from the grocery store

The Jewel down the street

Each box a golden ray of health

Filled with annular delights

You cascade into my bowl



The frothy milk drenches you

And I take a bite

Smacking and slurping

I mustn’t linger over heart healthy rings

For a soggy Cheerio

Is the demise of my morning

Til then, my discoid treat

I implore you to mingle with my fruit

The bananas, the berries so blue

Crushing out arterial plaques

And providing succor for my heart.


A little silliness to make a healthy breakfast more entertaining for my kids. Feel free to share my “poetry” with your children as you feed them anything that doesn’t contain sugar as the #1 ingredient. 

Wishing you and yours the best of health!

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