Fat Free Ice Cream Is Still Ice Cream: A Doctor’s Take on Diet Food

As a doctor, I cringe to see the vast number of “diet” desserts available these days on the shelves of my local supermarket. Cooking magazines get in on the diet craze as well, offering up lighter versions of unhealthy, high calorie, highly processed desserts. It’s important to keep in mind that low fat or lower calorie versions of desserts are still desserts and as such, can pack on the pounds.

If you’re serious about weight loss, its time to rethink dessert entirely. Can you have dessert daily? Yes, of course, but I submit that your dessert needs to be fruit on most days. You can have plain fresh fruit, of any variety, served at the end of dinner each evening. Top it with a spoonful of full fat plain Greek yogurt or a bit of cream, if you’d like. Healthy fats (in moderation) are fine. Fruit, my friends, is what you should have for your own dessert and what you should serve to your family.

If you have a penchant for socializing, dessert calories can add up quickly. When you’re the host, as I’ll be for an upcoming brunch, offer a variety of healthy choices and limit the sugar. People are there to socialize, not to endure a resist-the-dessert challenge. I find myself thanking friends when they have veggie options for their appetizers and fruit options for dessert. Who doesn’t love a bowl of fresh berries with a small dollop of cream at the end of a meal? Fruit shish kabobs are always a hit with the kids.

So…eat dessert, but do it mindfully. Fresh fruit is a great everyday dessert. When special occasions arise, you can then indulge, guilt-free, knowing you have handled sweets appropriately in your every day life.

Thanks for listening and I wish you the best of health!

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