The Easiest Weight Management Goal

If there was one thing you could do that was super easy and would increase your odds of  losing weight & maintaining that weight loss, would you do it? Of course you would! Then show up. That’s it, just show up. People do better managing weight when they engage consistently with a program like WW (formerly Weight Watchers), work with an Obesity Medicine or primary care physician, a registered dietitian, a health coach, trainer, or even a health conscious friend. Who knew that simply showing up would be a predictor of success? Remember that old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”? Showing up means connecting not only when you’re doing well, but also when you’re struggling.

In my practice, the people who show up, and keep brainstorming & practicing strategies for weight management do the best. What happens when these folks “blow it” over the holidays? They show up in January and make two plans. One plan to get back on track, and another to avoid the same pitfalls over the next holiday season. Slowly, but surely, they power through more holidays and challenges without getting derailed.

Showing up also means recognizing that a lapse isn’t a relapse. It takes time to create new healthy habits, and even more time to extinguish old habits that became entrenched over years or even decades. It’s human nature to veer off course. We all have our moments. Just show up and right your ship by partnering with someone who will help you and hold you accountable. Think of any lapse as an opportunity to try a new strategy and to learn.

There’s absolutely no shame in having WMF or Weight Management Fatigue. It’s hard to stay vigilant day after day. Weight loss strategies might be simple, but weight loss is not easy. If it was, everyone would be skinny and metabolically healthy. Those who persevere, those who keep showing up…those are the folks with the best chance to achieve their long term goals. So pick up that phone and connect with someone on YOUR team today! You can do it!

Thanks for listening. I wish you the best of health!


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  1. Hormones play a key role in weight management. Not only do they stimulate metabolism but they also affect fat storage. Insulin, estrogen, cortisol, leptin, DHEA, testosterone, and thyroid-related hormones are the main hormones responsible for weight gain.

    • You’re so right! Weight is definitely influenced by various hormones and neurotransmitters. Also genetic and epigenetic factors, environmental exposures, the intra-uterine environment, the gut microbiome, and ultra processed food exposure, just to name a few more. Thanks for your great comment!

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