About Lisa Oldson MD

Hi. I’m Lisa Oldson, a former primary care physician (board certified in Internal Medicine) and a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. My passion is helping people with weight management. I have been on staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago since 1998 and am a Clinical Instructor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. I attended medical school and residency at Rush University Medical Center, where I was chief resident in 1997.

Whether people watch their diet and exercise in order to lose weight, to maintain weight, to treat a medical problem, or just to be healthy, I want to help. There’s new science that informs our understanding of weight problems, but often doctors get too technical when explaining weight management to their patients. No wonder people have trouble losing weight when we overwhelm them with conflicting or confusing information about carbohydrates, calories, monounsaturated vs. polyunsaturated fats, leptin, ghrelin and so on. I like to keep it simple. Giving straightforward advice means sharing what I do for myself and my family, based on the medical literature regarding weight, nutrition, physical activity and wellness.

I have a special interest in helping those with a BMI over 30, stress eating, binge eating, and chronic weight issues. Everyone is welcome here.

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of health.

Lisa Oldson, M.D.

Twitter: @LisaOldson

Northwestern Faculty Profile: http://www.feinberg.northwestern.edu/faculty-profiles/az/profile.html?xid=15403

Office Address: 5250 Old Orchard Road, Suite 300, Skokie, IL 60077

Fax: 847-983-3401

Phone: 773-814-8598 (Please email to schedule an appointment: DrLisa@OldsonMedical.com.)

7 replies

  1. So excited to have found you here. You came up in a conversation with Jennifer Jarvis and Tina Goro! I googled you and here I am! I’m always looking to be healthy and conscientious about food choices with my boys. Glad to have another resource! I am moderating a new weight loss challenge with some friends and will include you as a resource.

  2. Dr. Lisa is the best. She’s friendly and kind and understanding. She’ll give you reasonable goals and then it’s up to you. She’s a great person to have on your side for your weight loss journey.

  3. It’s operahound.net, but thanks for the shoutout. 🙂

  4. It’s operahound.net (not .com), but thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

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