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Hi. I’m Dr. Lisa Oldson, a former primary care physician (board certified in Internal Medicine since 1997) and Obesity Medicine specialist (board certified 2013), with a passion for helping people with weight management. As a doctor, mother, wife, daughter and friend, I am surrounded by people whose health matters to me. Whether people watch their diet and exercise in order to lose weight, to maintain weight, to influence a diagnosis, or just to be healthy, I want to help. There’s a lot of new, exciting science out there about obesity, but often doctors get too technical when explaining weight management to their patients. No wonder people have trouble losing weight when we overwhelm them with conflicting or confusing information about carbohydrates, calories, monounsaturated vs. polyunsaturated fats, leptin, ghrelin and so on. I like to keep it simple. Giving straightforward advice means sharing what I do for myself and my family, based on the medical literature regarding obesity, nutrition and exercise.