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Congratulations! Simply by clicking this tab, you’ve taken the first step toward achieving your healthy weight. It takes dedication to lose, and it can be even harder to maintain weight loss, but we’re here to help. If you’re ready to commit to a life changing program, please consider making an appointment.

Welcome to Oldson Medical, a concierge medical weight loss practice. Lisa Oldson, MD trained at Rush University in Chicago for medical school, residency, and served an additional year as chief resident. She’s been on staff at Northwestern since 1998, initially in primary care, and exclusively in the field of bariatric (weight loss) medicine since 2013.

Due the pandemic, appointments are held through our encrypted telehealth platform. Initial intake visits take 1.5 to two hours. After delving into your weight and medical history, Dr. Oldson will tailor a program specifically for you, keeping in mind the latest research and data on weight loss. Together, you’ll create small, manageable goals, and build on them at each meeting. Treatment may include (FDA approved) medication, when appropriate. Using this method, Dr. Oldson has helped clients succeed, whether they need to lose 30 pounds or over 100 pounds. Treatment for binge eating disorder and emotional eating is also an important part of the practice.

Joining a concierge medical weight loss program is a significant investment of time and money for most of our clients. You may wonder if it’s worth it. While no one can guarantee weight loss, we ardently strive to make this the last stop in your weight loss (and maintenance) journey. That isn’t the same as saying you’re “cured,” and don’t have to work at it anymore. Rather, it means you have found what works for you, and you understand what it will take to maintain your weight for the long term. We have a solution that doesn’t leave you feeling overly deprived. There are no fad diets, gimmicky lab tests, or supplements. Americans spend $33 billion dollars every year on weight loss products and programs. If you engage in a personalized program backed by science, you won’t waste your time or money.

We strongly encourage people to invest in approximately 12 visits over 6 months, in order to make meaningful progress. Although most clients choose to continue beyond those initial visits, there may be more affordable options that will work well for you, once you establish your weight loss routine. Over time, such intensive programming won’t be necessary. Most people “graduate” from appointments every 1 – 2 weeks to monthly appointments, within the first few months. Eventually, you’ll find it sufficient to meet every 3 – 6 months, or even annually.

At Oldson Medical, our philosophy is clear regarding sales of procedures, unnecessary lab tests, “diet foods,” and supplements. We don’t sell these things because it creates a financial conflict of interest, and doesn’t lead to better outcomes. Dr. Oldson is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine, and has been on staff at Northwestern for over 20 years, teaching medical students, residents, and advance practice nurses during that time. You’re paying for her scientific expertise, experience, and support. Being part of a concierge program means that you are one of a select group of clients receiving personalized attention. If the practice is temporarily full, you will be notified and offered a place on the waiting list. Rest assured, we will do our best to welcome you in as quickly as possible.

We do not accept insurance in our private practice, but will provide you with appropriate documentation to submit for out of network benefits, at your request.

Initial Consultation, 90 – 120 minutes: $550 Zelle discount ($569 with credit card)

Follow Up Appointments, 50 minutes: $250 Zelle discount ($259 with credit card)

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, let’s jump in! Email is recommended for all communication (, including scheduling appointments.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Fax: 847-983-3401.

Phone: 773-814-8598.

Office Address: 5250 Old Orchard Rd, Skokie, IL 60077

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  1. Please email me directly at if you’d like to schedule an appointment. That will be more confidential than posting a reply here on my website. Thanks!

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